About & Request

Hi, we are -Japan Rock- we offer you our service like NEWS, DOWNLAD, ORICON CHART etc.

it’s about J-Pop / J-Rock bands and singers.

this site is launch at 2009, we try to give you everything…. so support us always

enjoy this site…. and you never regret for visit this site…

Its Visual kei Violence…………….

Recomendation songs :

Alice nine:  Eraser, Jewels, The beautiful name

Dir en Grey : Higeki ha mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu, Jessica

Matenrou opera : Anomie

Megamasso : White,White, Lips, Chimes

The Gazette : Cassis, Chizuru,  Guren

Vamps : Evanescent, Sweet dreams

Vidoll : Cloud, Blue star, Cryptic Tokyo

Vistlip : Ozone

and what do you needs from this blog ?

songs download? Profil ? Ok… just request here…..


If You want to request your band favourite songs, Just comment here….. thanks.

“It’s Visual kei Violence” -Japan Rock-


4 thoughts on “About & Request”

  1. Hey man, nice site. I’m opened it by chance by search for something else in Google. Keep up with the good work.



  2. Hi Ayame…blognya berdedikasi sekali 🙂

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