This is the latest news update that Japanese rocker Kagrra member Isshi, vocalist of popular Japanese rock bandKagrra has found dead. Isshi was found dead in his home on July 18, according to a statement on Isshi’s official website. Kagrra’s final tour began on February 13, 2011 with the final concert on March 3, 2011 at C.C Lemon Hall in Tokyo.

This is a really shocking news for fans, friends and industry. A funeral for the Isshi was already held at an undisclosed location at the request of his grieving friends and family.

A large number of fans are clicking on the official website of the group, to confirm the news and get more information about the death of Isshi. Therefore it is said by a source that the the official website has been oveloaded due to lot of searches. Meanwhile reportedly the personal blog of Isshi is still accessible.

According to the sources, Isshi was scheduled to perform just in this week on the upcoming Wednesday and Thursday July 28 and July 27. The statement also said that Isshi‘s upcoming concerts on July 28 and July 27 will serve as memorial events to mark the his passing instead.

Kagrra was originally known as ‘CROW’, but the band was renamed ‘Kagrra’ after they signed with music label PS Company in 2000. The band’s major debut was in 2004 with the single “Urei”. Kagrra’s concept is “Neo Japanese.”

We here with express our deepest condolence to family, friends and fans alike. May his soul rest in peace.

source : http://www.myvisitingcard.com/2011/kagrra-isshi-found-dead-isshi-kagrra-passed-away.html